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Write Around Queensland is funded by Arts Queensland and has been given the thumbs up by beloved well-known Queensland author Nick Earls who says:

 ”Write Around Queensland is a new way for emerging Queensland writers to let us all know they’re here, and to let their work find readers. But it offers more than that. It’s also a chance to be edited – perhaps to try out that part of the job for the first time. It’s a chance to develop as a writer and a valuable added line on a writing CV, as well as a new opportunity to do what all writers want to do: connect.”

So what is it? Write Around Queensland seeks one contribution of up to 1,000 words from emerging writers in each of the estimated 100 writers groups around Queensland. Writers can:

·       Be any age
·       Live anywhere in Queensland
·       Be published or self-published (though not traditionally published)
·       Write in any genre.

Each submission will be edited by the Queensland Society of Editors thereby providing valuable feedback to emerging writers which they may choose to integrate into their final work. How great to get some professional input into your writing?

The unedited and edited pieces will be published in two separate eBooks (In the Raw and The Final Draft respectively) on 10 December 2014.

Writers’ web has a two-year history of helping emerging Australian authors get their work in front of readers and reviewed, making authors from writers.

Attached is a fact sheet and submission form with all the detail  – we look forward to receiving a submission from your writers group. As we can only take 100 submissions in total, it’s a case of first in, with the closing date 20 June 2014.

Join us on Facebook or twitter for updates – you’ll find links to these and Write Around Queensland from our home page at http://www.writersweb.com.au.

Click for the WAQ-FactSheet-Submission Form

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