Clan Destine Press 35-50% Book Discounts

To celebrate International Women’s Day
the release of Kerry Greenwood‘s latest historical novel 
AND new-release and coming-soon crime fiction 
from Sisters in Crime members…

Clan Destine Press is offering SinC-Oz members special discounts 
on all our paperbacks and eBooks.

First, to celebrate the release of Cassandra – the second in Kerry Greenwood’s Delphic Women trilogy, set in Ancient Greece, we are offering – for March only – 50% off Kerry’s three historical novels Medea and Cassandra; and her Ancient Egypt novel Out of the Black Land.

Second, 35% off all other paperbacks (even those by boys!) for SinC members – all year.
(Kerry’s three books will also come under this offer from April.)

Third, 50% off all eBooks (priced above $2).

Clan Destine Press has 50 titles across all genres: crime fiction, historical, fantasy, rural romance, urban fantasy, action-thrillers,  kids’ adventure fantasy, true crime, cats and erotica.

You can choose from crime fiction and true crime by: Jane Clifton, Alison Goodman, Lindy Cameron, Narrelle Harris, Rowena Cory Daniells, Sandy Curtis, Helen Goltz, Emilie Collyer, Liz Filleul,  Vikki Petraitis, Robin Bowles and Ruth Wykes; and soon Sarah Evans and Sandi Wallace.

Or books in a host of other genres by: A.K. Wrox, Kerry Greenwood, Fin J Ross, Jane Routley, Patricia Bernard, Tamsin Baker, Heather Garside,Cheryse Durrant and soon Mary Borsellino and Goldie Alexander.

And crime, cats, action thrillers and erotica from our blokes: David Greagg, Dean J Anderson, Cameron Ward, Anders and soon Barry Weston.

So, if you’d like to make the most of our 35-50% off all titles – including latest releases – just follow the link below to sign up for our Clan Destine GOLD newsletter which has all the info and the special offer codes.

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